Strassen.NRW - a State Enterprise and modern provider of roads development and maintenance services

In North Rhine-Westphalia, roads construction and maintenance is organised as a State Government enterprise tasked with planning, construction and maintenance of motorways as well as Federal and State highways. Current total length of the State's road network is approximately 20 000 kilometres.

Strassen.NRW is a State Enterprise operating under commercial principles and answering to the Minister of Transport. The State Enterprise is headed by a managing director. At field level, planning, construction and operation are carried out by 10 satellite offices and 83 motorway or highway maintenance units.

The State Enterprise aims to be a modern and efficient provider of services tailored to customer needs. The philosophy of North Rhine-Westphalia's largest State Enterprise includes result-oriented control based on budgeting along commercial lines, putting the NRW roads service at the leading edge in Germany.


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